Hito x HOT limited edition

Hold wallet.

Thin, wireless, and with a touch screen.
Store your crypto safely with HOLD wallet.

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Secure and stable code

Made in California, USA

A reliable country of origin

Recognized by ETH users

A wallet recognized by community


Limited edition nft Drop

Buy Hito and find
an NFT inside

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With Full colour

Touch screen

You spend less than3 minutesto set up Hito

Installation process is as clear as 1-2-3

NFC for your NFT

When it’s needed, Hito connects to your phone wirelessly via NFC — the same way Apple Pay or Google Pay connects to a payment terminal.

No USB means there’s no way to hack the wallet.


Hito’s firmware is open-source. This means it’s built on a secure codebase constantly reviewed by the community.

Made in USA

Every Hito device is made in Hito lab in San Francisco, California.

Built to last

Get smaller “limited” number on your wallet

More referrals = smaller number

Check out your position in the referrals rating: the higher it is, the more chances you have to get «0001» printed on your Hito.

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Find answers to some of the most common questions.

Is open-source really such a big deal for security?

Open-source code can be checked by anyone at any time. It’s continually being tested by the community. Security patches are introduced the fastest way, that’s why with open-source, users get the highest level of security possible.

Why is it important to be able to see your transactions on the device?

When approving transitions, it’s crucial to check the full address and sum transferred as the transactions are non-reversible.

What happens if I lose my Hito wallet?

You can recover the access to the funds on another Hito wallet using your seed phrase. We recommend having two hito wallets: one for regular use — and one as a backup copy.

How can I protect my privacy when ordering Hito?

We will remove your name and address from our database as soon as the order is delivered. As an additional security step, we recommend not to use your home address when ordering hito.


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